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Atlas Security (818) 769-0395 provides security patrol and 24 hr response service to the residents of the Knollwood Property Owners Association.
Atlas provides the following to all KPOA members:
Neighborhood Tours - Patrol officers do security tours of the neighborhood at random times, 24 hrs per day.  They drive slow enough to perform a visual inspection of each home, looking for suspicious activity.
Patrol Response - If you notice something suspicious in Knollwood, you can request to have a patrol officer dispatched to your home to investigate.  When calling to report suspicious activity or when calling for assistance from our partrol officers, please follow this procedure:
Step 1 - Call Atlas 24-hour central station at (818) 769-0395 and let the dispatcher know you are calling from "Knollwood".  Atlas does not have each individual Knollwood address listed in their system.
Step 2 - Once the dispatcher has the Knollwood account computer screen open, say "I need to have a patrol officer dispatched to Knollwood." and give them the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Yor phone number (for call back)
  • Description of the situation or problem
The dispatcher will then call the closest Atlas Security patrol officer, give him the information and dispatch him to your home.  Following this guide will help minimize any confusion and improve communication.
Vacation Service - Contact Atlas to request form to request vacation services.  Every day you are out of town, the patrol officer will stop the vehicle and do a foot patrol around the house.  He will remove and newspapers or fliers from the front of your home and make a written report, indicating the time of inspection and condition of the property.
Security Escort - If you feel the need to have an Atlas Security patrol officer present for your departure or arrival home, please give us advanced notice.  We will have the patrol officer waiting out front, so he can observe you get safely into your house.
Babysitter Check - When you are planning to be out for the evening, please give us advanced notice and our officer can stop the patrol vehicle in front of your house, to check on your babysitter.  Do not let the babysitter open the door for anyone, even the patrol officer (we can communicate by cellular phone, if necessary).
For further Atlas Security company info please click here.
To contact Atlas Security please call:  (818) 769-0395
Devonshire Police Station:  (818) 832-0633
Lead Officer - Janine Angeles:  (818) 325-7749