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Architectural Application
All homeowners must have approval from the Architectural Committee 10 days prior to doing any exterior home renovations such as painting, roofing, gates, fencing, landscape and hardscape to include driveways.  Failure in obtaining approval can result in fine. 
Applications must be submitted to the KPOA management company (Gold Coast Management)for Board approval. You may contact Mike at (805) 499-7800 or email if you have any questions.
Solar Panel and Wall Mounted Equipment Installation:
- Concerns that will be evaluated to determine if the project is approved:
1. Need to determine if panel location will reflect sunlight into adjacent neighbor.
2. If solar panel installation is located in view of the street..
What is power generation impact if located outside of public view? 
What is additional cost impact to locate outside of public view?
3. Wall mounted equipment should be obscured from public view
Will it be visible from the street? 
LADWP requires 3 ft clearance around the panel, disconnect, and inverter.  Landscaping can be adding to provide obscurement and the required clearance.
Synthetic turf installation:
• The use of artificial turf in landscape visible to the public must be balanced with hardscape and softscape to provide a natural, pleasing look.
•This can be accomplished with an appropriate mix of shrubs, annuals, perennials, flowers, and trees.
•The Homeowners must provide a landscape rendering as to where the artificial turf, hardscape and softscape will be placed indicating the plant species for each.
•-Excerpts from Landscape Guidelines-
Please click on the link below to download the latest Architectural Application Form.
Additional Architectural Committee forms: