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KPOA General Session Meeting
Wednesday, August 19th, 7pm at Telecon meeting
Due to previous zoombombing KPOA homeowners wanting to join the meeting need to contact to request meeting registration link by 8/18.  Once your verified as a KPOA homeowner a confirmation email will be sent with a personal link to the meeting.
Annual Election Meeting
Saturday, September 12th, 6 pm at Knollwood Country Club parking lot - south
Due to the COVID-19 crisis and City of Los Angeles imposing social gathering restrictions the Board of Directors have agreed to postpone to the Annual Election to:
Date / Time : Saturday September 12 at 6pm
Location: Knollwood Country Club parking lot – South end near ficus trees
The inspector of elections and current Board of Directors will gather at the south end of Knollwood Country Club parking lot adjacent to our recent landscape improvement project. Homeowners are welcomed to attend to observe the counting of the ballots. During ballot counting the Board of Directors will provide tours of the recently completed landscaping project at Knollwood / Balboa and discuss any homeowner concerns. Once the votes are counted, the tabulated results will be:
 Promptly reported to the board KPOA members in attendance
 Recorded in the minutes of the next board meeting
 Results will be placed on our website at within 15 days
Concerning the election, multiple homeowners contacted the Board of Directors about a flyer being distributed supporting only four candidates. There was concern that the flyer was an official mailing from the Association. The Board of Directors was not aware of the flyer and the majority do not approve of this type of campaigning. The flyer was discussed with KPOA legal counsel and it was not considered a violation. However, they did advise that the flyer should have contained the following markings:
 Not paid for by the Knollwood Property Owner’s Association
 Not an official mailing from the Board of Directors
Including these disclaimers would eliminate any doubt as to the expense, the motives, and prevents other members’ from claiming right to access Association funds for their own campaign purposes.  The new Election Rules mandated by SB 323 for the next election for 6 seats on the Board of Directors can be found HERE .